Ever since the first Apple iPad was launched in 2010, tablets have garnered such a huge following. Much like what the iPhone did to the world of smartphones, the iPad has shaped the tablet realm. As could only be expected, other manufacturers followed suit and started churning out their own tablets.


Tablet wars

Tablet wars

Now, we not only have several iPads to choose from, but we also have Google, Amazon, and Samsung – and then some – to boggle our minds and drain our bank accounts with options. With all manufacturers pulling no punches, there is indeed a war among tablets. Who is the emerging leader?

It’s all about sales!

Bean counters will definitely use sales figures as the primary measure of success in the tablet wars. And if sales is anything to go by, the iPad is the clear winner. Even with the “confusion” about the real Samsung Galaxy tablet sales numbers, the sales of the iPad far surpasses the sales of its competitors.

In the second quarter of 2012 alone, 10.1 million iPads were sold in the US (17 million worldwide). Compare that to 2.3 million worldwide and 193,000 in the US for Samsung Galaxy tablets.

Given that these are the two in the lead, Apple is definitely winning the tablet wars.

Is there any other measure?

We can stop there and advice all other tablet manufacturers to throw in the towel, but we cannot deny that, in spite of smaller market shares, other tablets do have a fighting chance.

Truth be told, some consumers couldn’t care less about market shares. What some people might look at, instead, are the accompanying price tags and features. Alright, Apple still wins in the features department, although Samsung might very well be catching up. Even “iPad lover” MG Siegler says he loves the Nexus 7!

Then comes the issue of pricing. No doubt about it, the Apple iPad has always been at the higher end of the spectrum. While Samsung Galaxy tablets are not cheap either, they still provide a more cost-effective choice. Of course, there are other Android tablets and Amazon’s Kindle Fire has something to offer users as well.

So who’s winning the tablet wars? Numbers will say it’s the Apple iPad, hands down. For now. That does not mean, however, that you can’t sleep with the enemy and grab another tablet that will make you just as happy!


[Image cia CIO]