This year the Disrupt event in San Francisco did something a little different: themed pavilions. These pavilions ranged from hardware to impact and even startups. Visitors would be able to look at the new and upcoming startup companies by themes to make browsing a little easier. From those themes, five startups caught the attention of media from all angles.

Disrupt SF

Disrupt SF



Ironically enough, Greenstart is a startup who wants to help other startups. By offering a combination of design, speed and capital, Greenstart offers digital cleantech services. Digital cleantech services use clean energy and help reduce energy waste from companies by using software rather than traditional marketing.


Employees are constantly on the go. Whether they are in marketing or healthcare, they need to access email and conduct business while on the road. That is why RidePal has created a Wi-Fi enabled bus. RidePal removes the hassle of driving to and from work and provides a safe commute with Wi-Fi access to work on the go. Companies can sign up for RidePal services for their employees or employees can reserve seats online for their own use.


Have you ever noticed that your posture is less than perfect? LUMO back wants to help! With their improved posture sensor, your smartphone will automatically let you know when your posture needs adjusting. This device attaches to iPhones and iPads to keep you sitting up straight in the car, at work and even eating dinner at home.

Gain Fitness

Working out is hard, but this new startup wants to make working out simple. Since everyone knows that working out with a buddy motivates you to keep going, Gain Fitness has created a work out buddy app that keeps you on track and ensures that you work out when you say you are going to work out. Take your digital personal trainer anywhere you want and use yoga, strength and even Pilates to better your body.


There are hundreds of solar projects out there, but most do not have the web platform power they need to get their businesses off the ground. That is why the startup team at PVPower wants to help. They provide a web platform powering for solar projects and companies throughout the United States.


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