Apple has released the iPhone 5, but experts are not convinced. Though it offers a few upgrades, really all the iPhone 5 has to boast about is a slightly slimmer construction. For most iPhone users, that is not that much of a big deal. Though the Apple iPhone has always been the “next best thing”, there are five savvy alternatives consumers should consider before paying out the hefty price tag on the new Apple iPhone 5.

iPhone 5

iPhone 5

Droid Bionic

Noted to be the best Android on the market, this not only looks cool, but offers super-fast hardware, networking and software. Since it comes with the Motorola WebTop software, users can use their Droid Bionic just like a computer by attaching it to a computer dock.

Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung took a little inspiration from the iPhone and slimmed up the Galaxy S III. Though it isn’t as cheap as previous generations, its features and all-around programming make it a hot buy for 2012.

Motorola Photon

As the cousin of the Droid Bionic, this better, faster speed demon features an NVIDIA processor and runs on the Sprint network. It can dock to a PC to create a new experience for users – something the iPhone cannot boast about.


What about Windows? The new HTC Windows 7 phone is happening in fall of 2012. In terms of hardware, this device offers faster processing, quick networking and multiple features that span on a variety of cellular carriers such as AT&T, Verizon and United Kingdom-based providers.

Blackberry Bold 9900

Believe it or not, Blackberry is not out of the running when it comes to high-quality smartphones. Though the Bold 9900 does not have the same versatility as the iPhone, it offers quality messaging, calling and network capabilities. For a much more affordable rate, iPhone users can get the Blackberry and still have access to a variety of applications that get the job done.


[Image via inventhelp]