Have you ever wondered what your internet browsing could add up to? The National Media Museum in the United Kingdom has wondered that very same thing. The “Life Online Mirror” was created to show you a digital reflection of yourself based on what you do online.

Life Online Mirror

What Does Your Internet Profile Look Like?


How It Works
The Life Online Mirror bases its mirror on a specific personality system. By using a personality analysis system that is compared against a database of 6.5 million people from the Cambridge University of Psychometrics Centre, the mirror can give you a scientific breakdown of your internet browsing.

When you use the tool, it will ask for access to your Facebook profile and then you will be required to answer a few specific questions. From there, the tool claims it can predict your personality up to 80 percent in accuracy. It assesses your personality using the “Big 5” personality system that includes extroversion, stability, agreeableness, openness and conscientiousness.

What Does Your Internet Browsing Say About You?
The tool does not actually analyze your specific website browsing. Instead, you are asked to answer five questions. These questions include:

  1. The online news sources you frequent
  2. The celebrities you follow on Twitter
  3. The music you typically download
  4. The social networks you use regularly
  5. The brands of technology you like or use

The results will spit out a personality assessment that offers information regarding the five different personality factors. Essentially, it gauges how conscientious you are, how stable your personality is, if you are open, your extrovert factor and how agreeable you are to deal with.

For most users who have already tried the tool, the reports indicate the tool is 70 to 80 percent accurate. So does that mean that your internet browsing really reflects your personality? Probably not, but your internet browsing seems to account for at least 70 percent of who you really are.


[Image via ChiselIndustries.com]