Though the Windows Sidebar featured in Windows Vista was a bust, Windows 7 came back with innovative desktop gadgets that actually performed. Windows 7 stopped trying to knock off Mac’s dashboard appearance and instead created its own proper platform. Unlike the unpopular sidebar, Windows 7 gadgets have a purpose to the user. Sadly, most users overlook the features or use different platforms such as Google Desktop for the same gadgets. Rather than overlook this key feature in Windows 7, embrace it with these top Windows 7 gadgets.

Windows 7


CPU Meter

Though Vista’s version of the CPU meter failed, the Windows 7 version is perfect. It monitors up to eight different cores and monitors free versus used space, RAM available, etc.

Orb Clock

This clock features the Windows logo and an electric blue clock in analog format. Though the desktop clock works fine, this adds a little personality to a user’s desktop.

Facebook Explorer

Users constantly on Facebook can use the Facebook Explorer. It updates as often as the user sets it up to and keep users up-to-date on everything that occurs via Facebook.

App Launcher                                                                                                                 

The quick launch toolbar was removed with Windows 7, but users can still get a quick launch feature by using the App Launcher gadget. This holds all of the user’s favorite applications in a neat box where they can click and go.

Open/Close DVD Drive

Though it is relatively simple to bend down and push the button, the click of a mouse is a lot easier. The Open/Close DVD gadget sits on a user’s desktop and allows them to open their drive with one click.


Users who are frequently utilizing the program will typically find it annoying and intrusive on their desktop space. The SkypeGadget is compact and sits on the top corner of a user’s desktop so that they can still access the chat and calling features of Skype, but without the obtrusive program itself.


The Traffic gadget is simple to use, especially for users who are about to hit the road. Users can monitor current traffic flow throughout freeways in their area and search for alternate routes before heading out all from the same gadget.


[Image via windows7vswindows8]