It seems that Apple has a good reason to be upset with Samsung – after all, they stole a few patented ideas from the largest smartphone and computer maker in the world. After the court ruling in regards to Apple versus Samsung, Apple released a full list of Samsung devices they want banned from sale inside the United States.

Samsung phones that Apple wants banned

Samsung phones that Apple wants banned


The Eight Models
As of right now, Apple is proposing the ban for:

  1. Galaxy S 4G
  2. Galaxy S II
  3. Galaxy S II Skyrocket
  4. Galaxy S II (T-Mobile)
  5. Galaxy S II Epic
  6. Droid Charge
  7. Galaxy Prevail
  8. Galaxy S Showcase

Apple has listed the specific patents that Samsung infringed on. It appears that the Galaxy S 4G infringed on over seven different patents from the design to utility to trade appearance.

Samsung now owes $460.8 million in damages, but those numbers are expected to go up after a ruling from U.S. District Court judges. The decision will be made whether the infringement of patents on Apple products has left Apple suffering. The lawsuit itself, however, does not include the Galaxy Tab, which apparently mimics most of the Apple iPad.

Infringement or Creative Copy?
Though the courts have awarded Apple and are now working to ban the Samsung products, how close in similarity are the two? According to Apple, they are ridiculously the same. Consider this: Samsung has created the Galaxy S 4G. Not only does it look like the Apple iPhone, but it has a similar interface, operating system and even offers applications that almost mirror those of the iPhone 4S.

Apple has already begun the process of filing for further bans against Samsung products and if they get their way in court, Samsung could owe Apple over one billion in damages for their multiple instances of infringement.


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