The world has been waiting for the introduction of Apple’s latest offering: the iPad Mini. The 7-inch tablet hopes to take its share of this market, too. However, if you are expecting a miniature version of the iPad as the name indicates you may be disappointed.

ipad mini missing features

Three things are missing that fans of the iPad or other devices will notice. While each one by itself might not be a big deal, the combination could be a deal-breaker for some users.

Retina Display
Apple coined the phrase “retina display” and was the first to use the technology on their devices. The iPad Mini does not continue that tradition, but instead has the lower display of the iPad 2. You won’t get the same great media quality as with the larger device, but if you use it primarily for other things, you may not miss it.

Super Powerful Processor
The iPad Mini does not have the same processor chip as the new iPhone 5 or even the iPad 4. It uses the chip that is used in the iPhone 4S. While that is a respectable processor, it is not as fast and powerful as the more recent upgrades. It is also not in keeping with Apple’s philosophy to be the best and to provide the latest and greatest. It’s like taking a step back.

More people are using their mobile devices for direction when they are traveling. They are compact and convenient and do not require the purchase of a GPS system. The fact that such a compact, portable device does not include GPS is disappointing for many people. It’s the perfect size to carry everywhere, which makes it ideal for use as a map. However, it still features a larger screen than a smart phone to view the map easier.
While the iPad Mini will probably be a success and outsell its competitors, buyers should not get the tablet thinking it will be the same as the larger iPad. It’s great for what it does, but it doesn’t replace the bigger product.


[Image via gizmodo]