Two years ago if someone asked you if they could find a quality, cheap laptop for under $500 you would probably laugh. That was because the better quality laptops would cost you at least $500 if not more after upgrades. Thanks to competition and the ever-evolving world of laptops you can find awesome laptops well under $500 — and even better, they are high-quality ones.

Asus EeePC 1015PEM
This laptop will range in price from $350 to $400 depending on what features you get. With the latest dual-core processor and a 10-inch screen, this laptop is perfect for processing or working on-the-go.

Samsung NF310-A01
This laptop will cost you about $400, but with the latest dual-core processor, high-resolution capable screen and an excellent user rating, it is well worth the money. In fact, it was the editor choice by PC Magazine.

Acer Aspire One D260-1270
This Acer will cost users around $400 without any additional upgrades. It offers a 320GB hard-drive, a longer lasting battery and it certainly stands out. Users can select a variety of colors ranging from green to pink to bright blue.

HP Pavilion dm1z
HP has been known for their affordable laptop options. That is why they released their HP Pavilion dm1z. This will cost you close to $450, but offers a longer battery life and AMD Fusion APU which means you will have a good CPU speed.

Tips for Cheap Laptop Buying
Though you can find affordable laptops, not all laptops under $500 are built the same. You should ask yourself what you will use your laptop for (i.e. gaming or word processing?), how much hard-drive space you will need (unless you use cloud storage) and how much RAM it comes with. If you plan on using your laptop frequently, you might want to consider a larger screen, which might push you closer to $500.


[Image via GamingLaptopsUnder500]