When Apple launched the new iPhone 5 this year, millions of people snatched them up over just one weekend. Already Apple has announced the release of the iPad Mini, which is expected to release sometime in October 2012. Though competitors for Apple offer a broader range of tablets and smartphones with more reasonable pricing and size options, none seem to match the superiority of Apple.

Does Apple need the iPhone 6 already?

Does Apple need the iPhone 6 already?

Apple’s products have always been based on quality and consistency. That is why most Apple products are somewhat “simple”. Since Apple avoids going overboard with untested technologies, they have already created a name for themselves when it comes to reliability. While some companies are offering larger screens on their smartphones, iPhones sticks to the 4-inch screen. According to Apple they want to be able to provide users with a phone they can use with just one hand. That is why the iPhone 5 offers a thinner base and lighter case so that users can do just that.

Limited Options
Apple iPhone competitors already offer a variety of choices, while Apple does not. These choices include varying screen sizes, different operating systems, networks and even operational chips. These competitors are also always doing something new and innovative with each release. For example, Motorola rolled out a line of three separate Androids with different screen, battery and feature lists. The popularity of different screen size options is growing. Since some consumers need a phone they can use like a computer, Apple needs to start rolling into the “options” end of the market if they want to stay competitive. The iPhone 6, for example, could come in a variety of screen sizes so that users can pick and choose which phone is right for their needs.

Apple has already shown signs they are ready to adapt to size options with their iPhone and it has been rumored that the iPad Mini that is expected to release late this month will be a sign of that. If the Mini is successful, users might see new iPhones hitting the market offering different sizes as well.


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