The ecommerce giant was one of the first big stores for online shopping and influenced many other companies that have come to the forefront of the crowd. eBay was still the king of auction sites, but it was losing its modern image. Now, it has updated its look to match the new social media craze and gain even more fans.

eBay new look

What to Expect

Users will now get their own personalized homepage based on what they have purchased in the past or their interests. They will get a newsfeed and more photos; they can even follow products like on Twitter.
The first change eBay fans will notice is the new logo. While not drastically different, it does show an updated, more modern design that is indicative of the rest of the changes.
Even Better Service
eBay is trying out the idea of same-day delivery service within the buyer’s local area. It’s called eBay Now and is being tested in specific markets and will have an app to allow you to make purchases from anywhere and land on your doorstep within a day.

The potential for this service is huge. The ecommerce retailer plans to make it possible to buy from companies such as Target and have it delivered. They use the idea of purchasing picnic equipment and having it delivered right to the park where you are located. It puts a new spin on convenience and fast delivery.

A Mobile Connect
eBay is improving its mobile capabilities to allow users to transition from one device to another so they can continue shopping anywhere at any time.

While you will see a new eBay this fall, that doesn’t mean you won’t continue to enjoy old favorites like the auctions or Buy It Now. eBay will continue to offer buyers’ favorites but expand into new territory where they see their buyers going. The site will become more competitive with sites like Amazon and Walmart that already provides a wide shopping experience. However, the success of eBay’s same-day delivery could determine the future of many other sites as well.

Online businesses have either got to keep up and adapt or get left behind in today’s world. It’s easy to see that eBay hopes to not just keep up, but to lead the way.


[Image via theepochtimes]