Did you notice a lot of losses on Facebook likes? Not to worry, Facebook’s purge finally hit this week. By throwing out thousands of fake accounts, users and likes, Facebook is now wiped clean.

Facebook Cleans Out Bogus Social Media Pages

Massive Deletion
In September Facebook announced that it would be starting a “massive deletion”, but they did not specify when. This deletion removed tens of thousands of fake “fans” from Facebook. Already pages like Zynga’s Texas HoldEm Poker lost 96,000 fans, but not to worry, they weren’t real fans anyway.

Why the Deletion?
Facebook decided to get rid of these bogus accounts to provide more reliable business pages and people. Too many phony accounts and suspicious likes were showing up, especially on business pages and celebrity fan pages. Michael Jackson has already lost 17,591 fans and Rihanna took a hit of over 22,000. Facebook stated in an August blog post that this removal process would help get rid of links associated with likes and comments from malicious sites. Furthermore, it would stop deceiving users into thinking a company was as “liked” as it was. Facebook stated that it has always been against purchased bulk likes or comments; therefore they strive to take action against suspicious and fake accounts at all costs.

Though Facebook is done, they stated that the clean out really only took away less than one percent of likes. So though Zynga lost 96,000 fans, they still have plenty to brag about. Facebook has stated that companies should be relieved they have real fans and likes and fans should be happy to see that shady sources and purchased fans are gone. Now if a company or fan page has likes, it really has likes — they didn’t pay $200 for 200 likes.

Overall, the Facebook clean out has removed spammers and phishing scammers who prey on Facebook users leaving a trusted, reliable social networking site for the world to enjoy.


[Image via socialtimes]