Do you typically forget friends and family members birthdays? To your horror, you login on Facebook to see everyone wishing them a “Happy Birthday” and you are without a gift. That is, until Facebook released its latest feature: Facebook Gifts. Facebook has started offering its new “gift-giving” app to social media users this week that allows a user to send gifts from approved vendors like Starbucks and Magnolia Bakery with just one click.


Gift-Giving via Social Media
You already share your happiest moments with family and friends via social media, so it was no surprise that Facebook would find a way to let you help others celebrate birthdays, congratulations and even “thank you’s” via Facebook. These are not fake gifts, however. When you click on a gift giving link you will be directed to a shopping page that allows you to choose, purchase and ship real gifts to family and friends. You can keep your purchase private or share it on your Facebook timeline to announce who the gift is for. The recipient will also have the option of sharing their gift receipt via social media or keeping it private.

Is Facebook Taking on Amazon and eBay?
When you first glance at the new Facebook feature, you might think that Facebook is out to get big online retailers like Amazon and eBay. Though they are certainly in the same industry, Facebook has yet to acquire enough goods or even suppliers to compete with larger online retailers. As of right now, the entire scope of gifts available is limited and most gift options are $20 or below.

The real gifts were a replacement for the paid-for fake gifts Facebook was previously offering (i.e. sending a fake cocktail to a friend). Every day more retailers and options are added to the gift app. As of right now most gifts involve gift cards or edible treats, but Facebook will soon be adding additional retailers and gifts to help those who have that “oh shoot!” moment when they realize they just forgot someone’s birthday.


[Image via BenjaminKerensa]