Aluminium. Schedule. Garage.

Spoken the British way, those words seem to grate on my ears. Even when simply looking at “aluminium”, I can’t help but hear the word aloud in my head. I know someone who cannot stand the word “thrice”. For what reason? None at all. Maybe you have words that you can’t stand the sight of. Words that make you cringe whenever you spot them in a blog post or a news article.

 Well, if you have a slight issue with obsessive-compulsiveness, and you want to control the kinds of words that you see in your browser, here’s a solution for you.

First, download and install Google Chrome if you are not using it yet. Once you have the browser up and running, search for the extension “In My Words“.

in my words google chrome extension

This extension is like being on god-mode on Google Chrome. It basically gives you control over the words that you see on your browser. Don’t want to ever see the word “ridiculous”? That’s easy. With “In My Words”, you can make sure you never see that word on your browser again.

How “In My Words” Works

The extension is as simple as can be. Once it is installed, you only have to click on “Options” and identify the words that you do not wish to see. Of course, it is also up to you to provide the alternative words that you would like the browser to use. Every time you add a word to be banned and the alternative for it, remember to hit “Save”, and then you can browse “irritating word-free”!

Take a look at what I’ve done.

In My Words

In My Words

Of course, I was eager to test it. So here’s a sample page, which made me chuckle.

In My Words

In My Words In Action

It does work!

Obviously, I was merely messing around with that example, but I am sure that this extension can be put to good use. Censoring powers you certainly will have if you install “In My Words.”


[Image via technoholicme]