Kids today perceive technology as fundamentally human. That was the finding of research firm Latitude when they conducted a study earlier this year. It really should not come as a surprise, if you pause to reflect on it. Babies are born into a world where the use of technology is inherent!

Children as young as one year old use tablet computers to play or watch videos. Toddlers play with their parents’ smartphones. They revel in the privilege of being allowed to be the one to take pictures using the digital camera. Like it or not, the children of today will be using and perceiving technology in a different way than we do – if they are not doing that already.

This is not to say, however, that parents should have no say in the matter. In fact, in my book, parental guidance still reigns supreme. I am an advocate of technological immersion for kids. I always am enthusiastic about giving my nephews (ages 1 and 7) access to gadgets. That does not discount parental supervision, which includes selecting the right tools to make devices safe and still fun for the kids.

KIDO'Z for Android

That’s where KIDO’Z comes into the picture.

Launched in 2009, KIDO’Z was originally a media browser for desktop computers aimed at kids. The implementation featured cute icons that caught and held kids’ attention. More than that, the design allowed children who might not be able to read yet to explore and play without supervision. KIDO’Z also comes with its own App Store, which features games and programs that enrich the learning experience.

Earlier this month, KIDO’Z entered the mobile scene with its Android version. Much like the desktop version, KIDO’Z for Android is designed to cater to the whims of children. It is brilliant, really, as tablets are fast becoming a child’s best friend.

KIDO’Z for Android is also perfect for the peace of mind of parents, since it allows the locking down of tablets to ensure that only appropriate content can be accessed while online. Mobile applications and web sites need to be approved by the system, so parents have the control over whitelisting.

Got an Android device which your kid uses? Downloading KIDO’Z is the first thing you ought to do.


[Image via Softpedia]