The announcement of Microsoft Windows 8 has certainly made a few game makers speak out against this famous operating system. One of those game makers being the Minecraft creator, Markus Persson. Through his Twitter account, Persson discussed how Windows 8 was an open platform more than an operating system meant for PC and eventually the rumors began to boil about whether or not Minecraft will be compatible with Windows when it releases.

Minecraft May Not Be Compatible With Windows 8

Twitter Tweets
Most of the bashing against Windows 8 was done via Twitter Tweets. Persson stated that he would rather not see his game play on the new operating system and hopefully, not being compatible would prevent people from switching over.

Already Minecraft has surpassed $3 million in sales after it launched its Xbox 360 version. However, it doesn’t look like Minecraft will be boasting about the same success when Windows 8 comes out.

Certifying for Windows
Persson stated that the Windows certification requirement is Microsoft’s way of making sure a game is finished and able to run on their new Windows 8 operating system. Persson refuses to provide this certification to Microsoft.

Will That Be the End of Most Computer Games?
Minecraft is not the only game to refuse compatibility with Windows 8. In fact, Blizzard and Valve have already taken a stand against the new operating system. Unfortunately, this does not look good for PC games.  Indie game makers are already discussing their concerns with Windows 8. Since Windows 8 will be a less open platform, it will limit the amount of indie game makers who can release new software that is compatible with it. Some designers and software engineers fear the new system will create countless more hours in design and integration — something some small game makers cannot afford to do.

As it stands right now, however, Minecraft will not be compatible with the new Windows 8 operating system. Especially if Windows 8 uses the specifications and plans for a Windows Store built directly into the platform.


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