After failing to capture the US market by storm, Nokia has been struggling in the face of its competitors. Companies like Apple and Samsung have taken the industry to new levels and while Nokia has found success in other parts of the world, the US is one place where it hasn’t been able to stake a claim. In light of this, it should come as no surprise that Nokia is planning the launch of its new Lumia phones in Europe. They have revealed the release dates for several European markets, but not for the US.

Two New Lumia Phones

Nokia has unveiled its plans to release two new models of the Lumia series, 820 and 920. Instead of taking the conventional route of releasing it in the US and then rolling it out in the rest of the world, Nokia is going the other way round. Only time will tell whether they are able to get the success they are looking for but they look like that’s the way they are going to go about it for now.

Two New Lumia Phones

According to the statement from the Finnish company, the phones are going to go on sale mid-November. The information provided so far has revealed the countries in which the phones are going to be launched along with their selling price and the carriers who will be supporting them. No information or even a clue has been given regarding when Nokia plans to launch the phones in the US.

The Rollout Plans

The first countries to get the new Lumia phones are going to be Germany and Italy. They will be followed by Russia, Sweden and Denmark, not necessarily in that order. The Lumia phones are going to run on the new Windows Phone 8 operating system, which is why they are highly anticipated. Well, Nokia does look like it is going to take its time with the rollout.


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