With the release of the new iPhone 5, iPhone 4 users are finding more jailbreaking information on the internet. Though it is an exciting concept to be able to customize the iPhone and access those features that Apple keeps hidden, there are numerous reasons why you should not jailbreak your iPhone 4.

Bye, Bye Warranty
If you had a warranty with your iPhone 4 purchase, you can kiss it goodbye. Once you jailbreak an iPhone Apple automatically considers your product warranty “void”. Though this might not worry you, consider this: if your iPhone breaks and it was covered under warranty, you now have to pay out-of-pocket (at least over $400 USD) for your new iPhone.

No More Genius Bar Support
One of the biggest features that comes with an iPhone purchase is the Genius bar support. Though Genius has been known to give support to iPhones with jailbreaking, for the most part if they find out your iPhone has a jailbreak, they will not help you troubleshoot it. That means, you are on your own.

No More Release Upgrades
If you jailbreak your iPhone, you will not have access to the latest software updates and releases. This is because you have to wait for the software designers of the jailbreak to jailbreak the new updates. For the most part, jailbreakers have software updates automatically, but for the larger updates that include new features, you will have to wait awhile.

No More Flawless iPhone Use
The reason iPhone locks numerous features and accessories on the iPhone is to protect consumers from slow, buggy experiences. When you jailbreak your iPhone you might notice it has more bugs, runs much slower and perhaps even freezes altogether. Again, since you void your warranty and support backups, you will be left with this lagging, low-performing iPhone until you upgrade.

iPhones are locked for a reason — Apple wants you to get the best experience from your iPhone investment. Only you can decide if jailbreaking is right for you, but before you do, keep these reasons in mind.


[Image via BestTechInfo]