Just how sick are you of Facebook? We’ve been hearing complaints about the social network for eons, but it doesn’t seem that people are actually leaving it in droves. On the contrary, Facebook is closing in on 1 billion users. Obviously, unless there is an attractive alternative to Facebook, it is not going to suffer the same fate as Friendster did.

New Myspace

Or the old Myspace, for that matter. But, that’s the old Myspace. If you’ve been living under a rock, or in a cave, you might have missed the announcement – and the hullaballoo surrounding it – of Myspace’s impending comeback.

What do we know about the new Myspace?
I hadn’t visited Myspace in ages, but when I did so upon hearing about Justin Timberlake’s involvement in its resurrection (I am not a JT fan, but one can’t simply ignore this guy!), I was rather suprised. It doesn’t look that bad at all.

But it’s nothing compared to the impressive promotional video that made the rounds last week, a video that incited a single-word utterance: sexy!

That initial reaction aside, the new Myspace does bring a lot of promises to the table.

It makes one think of the good points of Pinterest and Metro UI, and I guess you can throw in elements from Facebook and Twitter as well. As the old Myspace was traditionally a venue for artists to connect with their fans and get the word out about their music, the new Myspace does not seem to diverge from that. In fact, it still has the playlist option, and additionally, a way for artists to keep track of their fans’ activity.

The new Myspace and teh sexy
In case you missed it, here’s the video. Spot the JT in there!

The future?
No one who has seen that video from start to finish can deny just how beautiful the concept of the new site is. However, ideas and putting together a teaser video is one thing. Actually implementing those concepts to create a massive yet sexy and coherent product that will be a success – that’s a Herculean task at best.

If they are able to implement what the video promises, together with speed and few or no distracting ads, then yes, the new Myspace might just give us something to be excited about, on top of bringing back teh sexy we all want. Somehow, I am rooting for them.