While last week’s trending videos focused on the Presidential Debate, this week there is more variety to the selection. This week’s list features what is possibly the highest jump ever made by a man along with Brad Pitt’s latest endorsement and a top 10 list. Read on to find out about this week’s top 5 trending videos.

Brad Pitt: The New Face of Chanel No. 5

Brad Pitt: The New Face of Chanel No. 5

In a surprising move, and what has been called a coup, Chanel has signed on Brad Pitt as the brand ambassador for its Chanel No. 5 fragrance. The first ad featuring Pitt talking about the perfume was launched this week and has become a rage. It is the first time that a female fragrance is being marketed by a male ambassador. Previous celebrities to endorse Chanel No. 5 include Nicole Kidman and Audrey Tautou. The black and white ad, with only the perfume in color, is already doing the rounds and expected to propel the fragrance to new heights of popularity.

The Top 10 Worst Top 10 Lists

Ever checked out a top 10 list on YouTube? There are literally millions of videos that feature top 10 lists and not all of them are good. Glove and Boots has gone ahead and created a video featuring the top 10 worst top 10 lists in their opinions. They have even provided the links to each and every list and video they have included on their official page. You will have a lot of fun watching the lists, some of which you might have seen before. You might be in for a pleasant surprise.

Talking Baby Talk on the Beach

Jack Vale and Greg Benson at back at what they do best: annoy people by talking in baby talk. In their second video, Vale and Benson head to the beach where they disturb random strangers looking to have a quiet time. What’s worse is that they starting talking in baby talk none of which is discernible. This is one video with tremendous repeat value that will have you laughing every time you watch it.

Snoop Dogg Sells ‘Hot Pockets’

While Brad Pitt has picked up a classy endorsement, Snoop Dogg headed in the other direction by writing a song to promote ‘Hot Pockets’, the microwavable cheese snack. He has rewritten the lyrics to his 2004 hit ‘Drop It like It’s Hot’, changing the title to ‘Pocket like It’s Hot’. Nonetheless, the song and video are enjoyable and is currently trending.

The Red Bull Stratos Project

Felix Baumgartner

Last, but certainly not the least is the most popular video of the week, and what could on its way to being one of the most watched videos of the year. The Red Bull Stratos Project featured Australian skydiver Felix Baumgartner attempting the highest freefall ever. Taking a helium balloon into the stratosphere, Baumgartner jumped a distance of 39 kilometers to the ground, breaking a number of world records and creating a couple in the process. The image of him jumping from the edge of space and breaking the sound barrier gives you the chills and thrills. The fact that he landed safely only adds to excitement. This is going to be a ‘hot’ video for some time to come. Don’t miss this one!

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