Amazon just announced that their Maps API has been taken out of the beta testing phase and is now open to all developers. They are competing in what has become a hot market for technology today. A short time ago, Google Maps was all you had to choose from, but today Apple, Microsoft, Nokia, and Amazon are competing for a share of the market.

Amazon Maps API: Should Google Maps be Worried?
While you can access Google Maps from the internet on the Kindle Fire, it is not allowed as an app on the device. However, the company is developing their own map system so that users won’t mind not having Google.


Developers can integrate the Amazon Maps API with either standard view or satellite. They can also customize POI data. The one thing missing is the street view. However, developers can embed a map view in the application that would allow users to pan and zoom. They would be able to display the current location as well as locations of businesses or other landmarks. Amazon is using Nokia to supply the mapping data.

With the new Amazon Maps API in the Amazon Mobile App SDK, the company is hoping to attract more developers. They can integrate maps into any of their apps on the Kindle Fire without needing to use Google Maps API.

This comes just months after the Apple Maps disaster, which took a big hit from users, especially since the company had just dropped Google Maps. Then Google goes to work to create new options on their maps, such as getting an underwater view and other fun features. The next question to be asked of Amazon is if it learned from Apple’s mistake. One might have to wonder since it doesn’t offer anything new to the app. What reason does it give for you to switch from Google?


[Image via mapminder]