The world is going to end in December 2012. That is what the Mayans believe but it seems like the bug has caught on and the folks at Google have taken it seriously as well. They have ended up omitting the month of December from the People app on the new Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. For a large part of the population, December is the most exciting month of the year with Christmas, New Year and the holidays to look forward to. However, users who tried to add birthdays or other appointments to their December calendar on the People app found that the month didn’t exist at all.

Android 4.2 People App

Coming from Google, one can never have expected such a major oversight. As of now, users scroll down from November 2012 and reach January 2013. There is no December 2012 in between. What’s surprising is the fact that the Calendar app is working fine and there aren’t any months missing from it. The People app is the only one affected by the ‘missing December’ syndrome.

This is not the first instance where Android 4.2 has encountered this problem. The Nexus 7 as well as Galaxy Nexus failed to display November. In that case, December was present so this does sound like a new problem for Google to deal with. From the scale of it, the issue seems to be at par with the Maps fiasco encountered by tech giant Apple earlier this year.

One thing going in Google’s favor is that not many people have upgraded to Android 4.2 Jelly Bean yet. So, Google has a chance to rectify this situation before more people start using the new version of their operating system. A simple update can take care of the problem for them. Otherwise, it will provide the cynics who are predicting Google’s downfall another excuse to bombard the web.


[Images via thetechlegionandroidnova]