AT&T’s Facebook over cellular caused quite the stir when it was first revealed. In early 2012 the company announced that the program would only be made available to customers who switched over to a new AT&T shared data plan. That announcement immediately led to backlash from many consumer advocacy groups who called the policy biased and quite possibly illegal.

AT&T Wireless Enabled FaceTime On All Data Plans


After mounting pressure AT&T recently reversed its decision, announced Facetime over cellular for all 4G LTE customers with LTE-enabled devices.

When announcing the reversal of its decision AT&T said grandfathered unlimited data plans would not be included, a decision that it may have backtracked on.

Various customers on Wednesday began reporting that they have in fact received FaceTime on their iPhone 5 device, despite their use of grandfathered unlimited plans for AT&T Wireless.

Testers at BGR, MacRumors and several other tech properties have all confirmed that FaceTime over cellular is alive and well on their LTE-enabled iOS devices.

Other users have taken to their favorite social networks to confirm that the option turned on overnight with no warning from AT&T.

The FaceTime over cellular option is enabled after a reboot of the customers iPhone, at which time the Use Cellular Data for FaceTime option is revealed.

Oddly enough some iPhone 4S users have also reported the functions use even though their devices do not support 4G LTE service.

To check if your device offers the service reboot and go to Settings > General > Cellular. Find the FaceTime toggle button to see if the feature is being offered for your phone.

AT&T has not confirmed at this time if the unlimited data plan use for 4G LTE enabled phones was meant to be activated or if it was an oversight by AT&T engineers.

Do you plan on using 4G LTE FaceTime service over your cellular data connection?


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