You wouldn’t expect too much from a camera that is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.  However, the little GoPro Hero3 camera is determined to surprise you.  It has features that you would expect to pay thousands of dollars for.  The biggest surprise is that it only costs $399.  So, what makes this camera so spectacular?

Big Things From The Little GoPro Hero3 Camera


Cool Features

It features stunning video and it has a built-in WiFi to connect to either an Apple or Android device to create and control the images.  The apps for this new camera will be out in December.  It has few controls to make it easier for a first-time user to figure out. There is no need to set the lighting or focus since that is done automatically. It also has an HDMI slot to connect to an HDTV to show your images on a big screen.

The images on this teeny camera are as high of quality as on any larger device.  The colors are vivid and images crisp, especially for video.  Low light is not as great for still photos, but does excellent for video.

Cheaper Options

GoPro has two other cameras besides the main Hero3 that are even less expensive. The $299 version of the Hero3 has lesser video quality while the $199 Hero3 only has a 5-megapixel camera.  These are not as outstanding as the black Hero3, but could be satisfactory for a first-time camera owner.

This little device promises to be popular because it is already on backorder through the middle of November.

GoPro is a company that has made it possible for regular people to photograph all kinds of interesting happenings, even of themselves doing exciting stunts.  They created cameras with attachments that can connect to everything from surfboards to car dashboards to hats.  It allows the photographer to shoot important happenings while they work and keep their hands free.  In the past, they have been inexpensive cameras that provide decent images but nothing outstanding.  Now, they have entered the arena of professional photos with the Hero3.

[Image via fxphd]