DIG London is an annual event held in London, Ontario for web and game professionals who are serious about their business.  DIG stands for Digital Interactive & Gaming and showcases the latest in technology while bringing together developers and contributors to collaborate and network for even more innovative ideas and products.

The event this year is held on November 14th with some big names set to give keynote addresses.  For those who cannot attend the event live, they can sign up for access to presentations online.

Don Daglow

He is the President of Daglow Entertainment, which is an online game development studio that has only been in existence since 2011.  However, Daglow himself has been in game design since 1971 and has been developing games since the mid-80s.  His speech will be on “The Insider’s Guide to Going Indie” and as an expert on the subject, he will provide insights and advice on the challenges that face independent developers and designers.

Jonathan Snook

Jonathan writes about web development and design.  His speech will be on “Proliferation” where he discusses the changes in web development and its new challenges and answers the question, “is there an easier way?”  Listeners will find out when he addresses the group.

Carmi Levy

Levy is a technology journalist and analyst and he is speaking about howLondonis set to be the next Silicon Valley as it is positioning itself for growth in digital and technology industries.

Besides the keynote speakers, the convention will welcome several other speakers to discuss theoretical and practical aspects of gaming and web development.  Here are just some of the interesting topics to be included:

  •  Is PC Gaming Dead? By John Goodwin
  • An Hour in The Life of a Game Programming Student by Michael Feeney Jr
  • Tools of the Trade for Programming Video Games by Mike Katchabaw
  • Growing Pains Experienced by Digital Agencies by Melissa Dawn Lierman

These are just some of the titles of the sessions that will be held at DIG London.  The event appeals to all aspects of gaming and web development with something for everyone whether you are an experienced game developer or just beginning your career.

DIG London: A Gathering of Big Gamers

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