This week marks an exciting period in the lives of young entrepreneurs worldwide. From the 12th to the 18th of November, this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week will be held. The event was launched in 2007, but has since then expanded to involve more underrepresented parts of the world, encouraging youngsters and more seasoned individuals alike to unleash their ideas.

Entrepreneurs in the Palestinian Territories

There is a bunch of events worthy to be highlighted during this week, but one of the most interesting details is the fact that the organizers of the Global Entrepreneurship Week have extended their operations to one of the most – if not the most – sensitive areas of the world: the Palestinian Territories.

History has shown the world, time and again, just how troubled the Palestinian Territories is. In spite of the political, religious, and ideological differences that do exist, however, the ingenious human spirit continues to live on; and if the events surrounding the Global Entrepreneurship Week in that area are anything to go by, we clearly can see just how much potential there is waiting to be tapped.

This year is the first time that the Global Entrepreneurship Week is holding activities in the region. One highlight is a speakers event at the An Najah University, the largest university in the Palestine. The topic, “Cultural Roots of the American Entrepreneurial Spirit” promises a veritable treasure trove of insights and inspiration for the participants.

Additionally, a National Demo Day will be held, where university entrepreneurs will have the chance to showcase their brilliance. The presenters have been chosen from educational institutions located in the West Bank, and they will be pitching their business ideas to private companies as well as venture capitalists. This adrenaline-laden event will be held in Ramallah.

The end to the Global Entrepreneurship Week in the Palestine seems to hold the promise of bigger things to come. A Mind Mapping Session is slated, focusing on Fostering Entrepreneurial Intellects.

Other Global Entrepreneurship Week events may seem more impressive in their roster of speakers and participants, but the events in the Palestine make one feel such hope for the ones involved. Kudos to the organisers are in order, don’t you think?

Here’s a short animation to give you a better idea about the Global Entrepreneurship Week. Watch it at the risk of getting inspired!

[Image via Tech Cocktail]