Facebook is about to face a new change that will slow it down – literally. And you are going to be excited about it. Facebook is in the process of switching to an internet connection that is more secure.

Facebook Security: A Slower, Safer Facebook


Added Security

HTTPS is more secure than a traditional HTTP, but it also slows down browsing. This type of connection is what is used on retail sites when you go to make a purchase and use a credit card or account number.

While HTTPS has been used for banks and other businesses to protect private information, it is now becoming the expectation that any website that has user information stored should strive to be more secure.

Facebook is going to make it the default connection but users can opt out if they prefer speed over security. However, the company is going to work on improving speed as they go along.

How Can You Tell the Difference?

When you look at your address box, you will see https: for the secure connection of http: for the old option. The HTTPS scrambles information passed over the website so that it is more difficult for hackers to use the data they steal.

Since Facebook has gotten a reputation that hackers and spammers target it and other social media sites, this is a good answer from the company. The company says that it has been working on this for two years. It is a massive undertaking to get the site secure with that many users and not slow it down to where it isn’t useable.

How to Protect Yourself

Regardless of the steps Facebook or any other site takes to provide security, users must also be aware of ways to protect themselves. They should never give out information to anyone they don’t know or to give personal information over the internet unless it is a secured site. They should also use strong passwords that would be difficult for a hacker to break.


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