One of the things about Google Chrome that makes it so popular is that it is easy to use. However, the down side of the browser is that it lacks many features that the other browsers have. These features would enhance the overall product and help it compete better. Thanks to Chrome Toolbox, you can now enjoy the simplicity of Google Chrome and all of the extra features.

Get Google Chrome’s Missing Features With Chrome Toolbox

What Does Chrome Toolbox Do?

When you add Chrome Toolbox, you have access to multiple features to improve your browsing experience. These include:

• Customize keyboard shortcuts
• Open multiple sites easily
• Change the way users deal with videos or photos
• Work with forms

Once you have added Chrome Toolbox from the Chrome Web store, it will make changes as the event takes place. For instance, your pictures will be viewed differently once you open one up.


The Quick Launch tab will allow you to open up all of your favorite websites with one keyboard shortcut. You can choose a folder in your bookmarks that you want to attach it to.

The Form Data tab will also be of use to you. When you fill out a form and get disconnected from the Internet, the form will be saved so you can pick up where you were stopped instead of starting over.

The very first tab is the one listed General. This section gives you several choices that you can checkmark to set up the browser the way you want. For instance, you can open up a URL in a new tab if you press enter in the address bar. You can double click on a tab to close it or open a link in a new tab either in the front or back.

With Shortcuts and Menus, you can customize your keyboard shortcuts to the way they work best for you. It also allows you to select which ones to add to the dropdown menu for easy access.

Thanks to Chrome Toolbox, Google Chrome is fast, easy to use, and has the features you want.