How would you like to get paid $60,000 to find something wrong with a product? That is exactly what one teenager did when he discovered an issue with the Chrome browser. Google is one of a growing list of businesses that are offering rewards to people who discover issues with their products.

Google Rewards Chrome Hacker with $60,000 Payout


Second Time Around

The teenager goes by the handle “Pinkie Pie” and this is the second time he has made a discovery that has cost Google money. This payout is a program that Google started in 2010 when they offered small payouts. In February 2012 they added to the prize with even issues that were fully functional. This teenager discovered a problem within Chrome and took one of two prizes at that event. Now, he has done it again and it looks like he is the only winner this time around.
Google isn’t the only big internet company that is using this idea. Facebook also offered payouts to users who spotted problems within the site. This can be quite the financial benefit for skilled researchers and it can be helpful for the companies who can fix the problem and provide a better product.

Benefits to Google and Web Browsers

The goal for these programs is to cut down on hacking, bug, and other security problems and to make the internet safer for the users. For instance, on a program like Google Wallet, hackers could get access to users’ money with prepaid card information. By paying fake hackers to try to steal their way into these sites, it can keep the real hackers from gaining access.
Google will pay higher rewards for finding flaws in services with sensitive information. Some client applications are not part of the program. This includes Google Desktop and Android, among others. All users will benefit from this program, some financially with fantastic payouts.


[Image via rjacquez]