Could Google Wireless become a reality with the help of Dish Network? That is the newest rumor revealed by The Wall Street JournalAccording to inside sources Google believes it can effectively take on AT&T Wireless, Verizon Wireless and other top tier mobile providers in the United States.

Google Wireless Could Exist Soon

In January 2011 the FCC gave Google and eight other company’s permission to access the unused bits of spectrum known as “white space.” That space is the part of the wireless spectrum that sits between purchased spectrum spaces. Google at the time said it hopes to create a nationwide “Super Wi-Fi” with the technology. Now given the emphasis placed on mobile data and text messaging that white space could be used to create a wireless network.

Google could also choose to engage more openly in the next rounds of FCC spectrum auctions, purchasing the wireless spectrum it needs to move forward with Google Wireless.

According to the Journal report, talks are still in their preliminary stages with Dish Network which means they could still fall apart. The report also notes that other companies have shown interest in building a wireless network with Google’s help.

Google could have a clear advantage right out the gate, the company already owns 70 percent of all new Smartphone sales thanks to the Google Android OS and the company is in full control of Motorola Mobility. One of the key problems experienced by many wireless company’s is finding devices that work flawlessly on their networks. By controlling the full eco-system from OS and Smartphone manufacturing right through to wireless signal delivery Google could create a more robust, more dynamic and better equipped carrier service.

In the past Google rumors have pointed to free wireless service for Android users who agree to Google search results on their mobile device, it will be interesting to see if Google would supplement the cost of wireless service for Android based smartphones.

Google Wireless - Tech Giant In Talks With Dish Network

In the meantime Google Wireless could be an amazing opportunity for customers. One of Google’s biggest complaints over the years has been data restrictions placed on customers. Should Google Wireless launch and provide unlimited and cheap data customers could find themselves watching an hour of YouTube videos or other online video streaming each day without worrying about data overages.

Would you buy into a Google Wireless plan if the company launched a nationwide wireless carrier?


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