Google decided to get involved in the election in a whole new way this year. The Voter Information Tool was designed to be your one-stop shop for all kinds of election information. Did it help more Americans get out and vote?

Google’s Voter Information Tool Helps Voters Decide
A Source of Information

For those who didn’t know where to vote, they could find out on Google’s Voter information Tool. It would tell them the closest polling location to their home. All voters had to do was put in their home location and find the official location for their area. They could then scan the list of candidates or propositions to find out more about who and what they would be voting for. The propositions would be listed with information about each one so voters would have more time to decide where they stood.

Google’s Voter Information Tool Helps Voters Decide

Google made it convenient to find out about the issues and the candidates, but more than that, along with other social media, it made people aware. People may argue about why the polls are busy with voters unlike many other elections, but Google is at least partially responsible by making it easy to know how to vote.

Getting Involved

No profit is involved in this tool; the service is free to users. Google has used its own money for this project, along with other companies for the Voter Information Tool. The sole purpose of the tool is to get knowledge in the hands of the voters. Even after Election Day 2012, the tool won’t be; it can be used in the future for other elections. There is always a state or special election to be held and this tool can make voters more aware of them and what is being voted on. It may even help with those elections that have extremely low turnout. Any tool that encourages voters to get their voices heard is a benefit to everyone.

Google’s Voter Information Tool Helped Voters Decide


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