Now that the election is history, analysts can move onto other things. Like why the election went the way it did. Was it a stronger campaign, better ads? Or maybe it was the use of social media that made the difference. One thing is clear from this election: the presidential candidates used the various social medium more than in previous elections.

How Obama And Romney Used Technology To Win Votes

 Why Obama Won

While there was much more to it than who had the most tweets, Obama did utilize social media more than Romney did. At one point in the campaign, he led in all four main sectors by a massive margin.  This includes the website blogs, as well as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Obama heavily relied on Twitter to send out numerous tweets. However, it wasn’t just one-sided; he also got more likes, retweets, and views than Romney.

Another key difference in how the two candidates handled the social media was the topics of the posts. While both candidates focused on the economy along with other topics, it was the other subjects that got the most attention. Romney spent slightly more time on the subject that Obama.

How Obama and Romney won votes using technology

What Was Lacking

One thing that was lacking in both camps was interaction with their followers. Neither one spent much time retweeting or responding to comments from followers. This is something a candidate looking to run in four years might want to remember. Voters want to feel like their voice matters and what better way of doing that with technology than an occasional response?

What this indicates is that candidates who are more in tune with the technology that people use today imply that they have a better understanding of their voters and can relate to them. This is a strong message to send to the country at large as opposed to being seen as out of touch with today’s generation of voters.

So, did technology and social media win the election for Obama? No, but it certainly helped to get his message out.

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