The latest edition of iTunes, iTunes 11, has finally arrived.  The amazing thing is that it is nothing like the previous edition; it runs much faster and cleaner with drop-down menus.


iTunes 11: Faster and Better than Ever

When you are searching for music, you have the entire screen at your disposal instead of having part of it taken up other areas of the application.  You also get the benefit of an expanded album without having to click back to the library.  When you want to see more information about an album, you simply click on it and then you can see all of the songs.  Choose one and click Play and you can continue browsing.  You can also browse the store for recommendations.

The new MiniPlayer allows you to see which songs are playing next or to search through your collection for a song you want to listen to.

With the iCloud, you can listen to all of your favorite songs on any device instead of having to download it to each player.  This allows you to enjoy more music anywhere.  However, if you are going to be offline, you can download the songs you want to take with you quickly and easily.

You can also look up the history of all of the music you have sampled in the past.  The great thing is that since it is stored on iCloud, it will be available anytime you want it.  If there is a song you tried out on your iPhone, you can check it out again at home on your Mac.

Another benefit of iCloud with your new iTunes is that it allows you to pick up right where you stopped even if it was on another device.

When you combine the features of iCloud and the speed of the new iTunes 11, you have a winning combination for Apple fans.

[Images via brandsoftheworld]