The Nintendo Wii is about to go pint sized and scaled down. Nintendo on Tuesday announced plans to release the Wii Mini in Canada. The new gaming device will arrive in country on December 7 and will be an exclusive Canadian retailer offer upon its initial launch.

The Nintendo Wii Mini features the same gameplay standards as the original device while ditching internet connectivity.

Nintendo Wii Mini Receiving Canada Exclusive On December 7

Nintendo has not yet released full design specifications for the Wii Mini which is expected to be just slightly taller than the original Wiimote.

Nintendo is hoping to gain a new audience from gamers who do not necessarily care if they can watch Netflix or download Nintendo classics directly to their gaming console. The $99 offer also lacks the Gamecube gaming compatibility that was featured on the original Nintendo Wii.

Nintendo has not yet placed the pre-order link live on Best Buy Canada’s site, however orders are expected to begin shortly and supplies upon launch have not been revealed.

The photo shown above displays the Wii Mini’s design which comes with a red and black exterior and a red Wiimote with red nunchuk.

Nintendo is having an amazing run with the newly launched Nintendo Wii U which sold 400,000 units in its first week. Nintendo is now predicting that it will move more than 5.5 million Wii U devices before the end of the year with brisk sales continuing through 2013.

With holiday shopping now in full swing the release of a sub-$100 gaming console could grab the attention of budget conscience parents.

Now we must patiently wait for Nintendo to release more information regarding its pint-sized gaming console.

Would you be willing to spend $100 on a gaming console that lacks internet connectivity and backwards compatibility? Or will you be picking up the Nintendo Wii U at a starting price of $299?