Want to protect yourself from would be muggers, kidnappers and other unruly types? If you are the proud owner of an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S you can now keep hoodlums at bay with a pepper spray enabled iPhone case.

Pepper Spray iPhone Case

The product, created by Spraytech costs just $40 and comes equipped with the choice of black, white, turquoise and pink color options. Because the pepper spray is literally built into the case it can be easily concealed in your pocket while you travel.

To use the product the user simply snaps a pepper spray canister to the back of their iPhone case. To use the pepper spray they release a safety clip, hold the phone horizontally and then press a button on the side of a phone. The process is a lot like taking an iPhone photo but with far more painful results.

Spraytech doesn’t want its users to be placed in a bad situation and not understand how to actually use the product for that reason they also include a tester cartridge that has been filled with habanero pepper spray. Here is a quick look at the cartridge design:

Pepper Spray Canisters

While the original case and cartridge will cost $40, Spraytech is offering replacement cartridges for just $18 a piece.

Cartridge refills can be chosen to match the original color of the users case and as of now the devices are available at spraytect.com/products.

Still confused by the entire process from start to finish? Here’s the company’s official how-to-guide:

Pepper Spray iPhone case

Looking at the example provided by SprayTech the items seems a bit complicated to use, especially when we consider the type of stressful situations that lead to pepper spray required attacks.

Do you see the value in hiding a canister of pepper spray on the back of your iPhone based device?