The Polar App is the perfect piece of mobile technology for indecisive people who value quick feedback for every part or random parts of their lives. Created in part by former Yahoo VP Luke Wroblewski the application allows users to create quick polls and then share their polling questions with friends and other users.

The app was created to show two opposite choices (polar opposites) that are then voted on by users. Polar App users can illicit responses just from their friends or from the general Polar app community. As votes are cast they are tallied and shown to users to help them make decisions.

Polar App: Create Polls On The Fly & Make Decisions Quickly

Wroblewski also set up the program so respondents can sift through  popular polls, recent polls or a customized feed of polls.

According to the apps founder the program was setup with a visual interface that is meant to be “fast” and “fun.” The app is setup so well that users can create polls with just one finger while also sharing information those polls easily across the web.

Speaking to Mashable Wroblewski says the average user votes on 30-35 polls per visit.

The app promises to deal with quick questions to everyday dilemma’s which ultimately sets it apart from sites such as which relies on historical data to find the best possible answers.

Polar App: Create Polls On The Fly & Make Decisions Quickly

Ultimately the success for Polar App will depend on increased user attraction. While users are sure to love the idea of strangers helping them make decisions, they are more likely to use the program if their 200 Facebook friends chime in over a small window of time. Ultimately this app games the most attraction is someone walks into a store and before they leave they have people helping them decide to buy a new product.

You can download Polar app for the iPhone here.

Do you think Polar App will ultimately help its users make better decisions? Here’s a demo of the app in action, why not install it and see for yourself.

[Images via thenextweb & abduzeedo]