The feud between Apple and Samsung has led to a loss of battery sales. According to a new report in China Business News Samsung has refused to supply Apple Macbook and iPad devices with its battery technology, instead forcing Apple to seek out new batteries from Chinese tech firms Amperex Technology Limited and Tianjin Lishen Battery.

The Samsung SDI division (the group responsible for battery manufacturing) is only the latest group at Samsung to turn away from Apple. Recently Samsung announced that it would stop providing Apple with displays for its tablet and smartphone device. Before the display pullout Samsung was Apple’s largest display partner. At the time Samsung said Apple’s stringent demands and unfair pricing practices made the relationship too difficult to maintain.

Samsung Stops Supplying Batteries To Apple

Apple has also been busily suing Samsung while countersuits have been filed. Samsung was recently ordered to pay Apple $1.1 billion in a forfeited US lawsuit.

In a recent conference call Apple CEO Tim Cook called Samsung a “crucial supply partner” but that crucial partnership is waning. For example, Apple has begun designing its own A-series processor, leaving Samsung to simply manufacture the new chipset rather than design all of its components.

The only reason Samsung does any business with Apple at this time appears to come down to scale. Samsung is the only partner Apple can find that is capable of manufacturing millions of components in a very short period of time.

Apple MacBook Battery

Both company’s continue to work side-by-side because honestly they have no choice. Until other manufacturers build more facilities and train a massive number of new employees Apple simply can’t abandon Samsung. While Samsung would like nothing more to end all ties with Apple it also needs the business to keep its own staff employed.

Do you think the relationship between Samsung and Apple will soon drawn to a close?


[Image via coroflot]