Steam has moved beyond game software now that Valve has begun to include other titles. The first to be added are for developers who want to make their own games, so it’s not too big of a departure yet.

Steam Expands Into Non-Game Software

 The first titles available are:

  • ArtRage Studio Pro
  • 3D Mark Vantage
  • 3D Mark 11
  • CameraBag 2
  • GameMaker Studio
  • 3D-Coat

The non-game titles work the same way as the games on Steam Greenlight with community response being the determining factor for which programs make it on Steam. Concepts can also use feedback for upcoming software ideas.

Steam Software

Software ranges from creative programs to improvements in productivity and they are all easy to install with automatic updating. Users can also save work to the cloud. All of this is based on the idea that the gamers who visit Steam on a regular basis want more than just games. They want to see all of their apps on Steam. Even though Steam has provided digital magazines and other content, this is the first time they are adding such a large catalogue of applications. This indicates that they may be attempting to compete with the Mac App Store.

Something for Everyone

While the first titles are intended to interest developers, Steam plans to expand to many other areas. It has listings in numerous areas, including: Accounting, Video Production, Animation & Modeling, Photo Editing, Audio Production, Education, Design & Illustration, Software Training, and others.
Since Valve battles with Amazon for games, this could be an attack on other areas for the e-commerce giant. It may also have its sights set on Microsoft. Taking on all of the giants is a bold move, but one that Valve may be able to handle. It attracts customers now because of some of its features, such as managing customers’ installations and updates so the user doesn’t have to go find the latest patch or update.


[Image via brothersoft]