Valve’s gaming software Steam has risen steadily to the top of the gaming world. Competing with Xbox Live, the software now has 20% more users than Xbox. That despite not having a game console to boosts its demand. Steam is purely for the PC gamers. With over 50 million subscribers, it is evident that Steam would catch the fancy of console gamers. Valve has taken the first step towards doing just that by enabling Big Picture mode on the new version of Steam which is in beta testing.

Valve’s Big Picture to Run on Linux


A new interface has been added to Steam through the Big Picture mode which would enable gamers to connect it to their TV sets. Already, work is being done to produce controllers which the gamers would use to play the games on television. No longer do you have to sit in front of your computer screen for hours to play your favorite game. You can simply plop down on the couch in your TV lounge and play comfortably.

However, Valve doesn’t own the rights to Steam. The platform runs on both Microsoft and Apple’s operating systems but Steam doesn’t own it. This is the reason why they have had to build Steam from scratch so they can provide the gamers the experience they are looking for. After seeing the middling reception to Windows 8, it is clear to see that Valve wants to maximize its audience. Limiting itself to Windows and Mac is hardly the way to do that.

While it may come as a surprise, Valve is creating the new version of Steam for Linux users. Users of the open source operating system have often complained that they are discriminated against by the bigger companies but this is not the case this time round. Valve has already released the beta version of Steam to 1,000 lucky Linux users. Once the testing phase is completed, the gaming platform will be unveiled to the public.

Valve’s Steam aims to enhance the gaming experience for people who love playing video games on their television. It is the first viable solution for connecting the PC with a TV. This enables the gamers to enjoy the games they love playing on the computer on the television without hassle. No doubt this is going to be a groundbreaking innovation for the gaming industry. The fact that Linux users are the first to enjoy the new gaming experience makes it all the more exciting and interesting.


[Images via geek & pcgamesn]