The new Windows 8 has gotten some great reviews and experts say it has improved on the earlier models with better software and hardware. It is a great choice for first-time smart phone buyers because it offers different options from the Android and iPhone devices. It will also appeal to some tech junkies who are looking for something unique.  At the same time, it is missing some things that owners of those devices have come to appreciate.

What the New Windows 8 Phone Has to Offer


What It Has

The new Windows 8 sports a vivid display with dual-core processors and 8-megapixel cameras for high quality images. It also features some cool abilities like the ability to recharge wirelessly. The Windows 8 also has a great feature for parents called “Kid’s Corner” to allow kids to play on the phone with limitations set by the parents. They will only be able to play games, listen to music, or watch videos selected by parents.
Another feature that users will enjoy is the ability to create rooms on your phone. You can invite family and friends to join your room for privacy and share photos or messages in a group.

What It Lacks

One of the biggest problems of the Windows 8 is that it doesn’t have as many app choices as Android or the iPhone. While that will change as developers add more choices to the Microsoft store, it can be a deterrent now for smart phone users that are used to having a wider selection.
Another problem with the new phones using  is that they use a lot of battery on the AT&T 4G LTE, but that is not unusual for most smart phones.

Overall, the Windows 8 promises more than what the Windows 7 offered. It shows that Microsoft is serious about being a competitor and it’s not just following the crowd, but coming up with new ideas. One of the best features of the new phone is that it is compatible with all Microsoft products, which is a major highlight for PC fans.

Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, expects the new Windows 8 phone to make Microsoft a key third player in the competition for smart phones.  With that bold of a statement, everyone is going to be anxious to see what happens after the release.

[Image via techwelike]