They say that once you go Mac, you won’t go back. To Windows, that is. However, with all the hype that has been surrounding Microsoft’s Metro interface, it might just be a step in the direction of going back to what many personal computer users started with.

Will Microsoft Surface Give Mac Users A Reason To Switch?
Microsoft officially joined the tablet market when it launched the Surface late last month. It did so with a splash and with the usual marketing fanfare, but what has the Microsoft Surface to offer? And what do the experts have to say about it? Will the tablet supersede all the others in the market?

The Good

The Metro interface is perhaps the biggest draw of the Microsoft Surface. Even in the early stages, the design was already catching the eye of those who like beauty in their consumer technology. And it seems that not only does the interface look good, it can deliver in terms of versatility as well.

While the reception to the Microsoft Surface has been mixed, it seems that reviewers agree on one thing: this tablet could very well be the first tablet that can function as a laptop replacement. Productivity tool is the key phrase.

The Bad

Some will say, “Where do I begin?” I think that it all boils down to two things.

One, the tablet is reported to be sluggish when it comes to performance. For tablet users who like the speed and smoothness of the iPad, this might very well be a dealbreaker.

Two, the Windows app store is a ghost town. And that term has been used all over the place. In this era where there’s an app for everything, this is a huge disadvantage!

The Verdict

So are we likely to see people carrying around the Microsoft Surface in lieu of their iPads? I don’t think so. There is the possibility of people acquiring this tablet to use as a productivity tool on the go, but I doubt that that audience will be pirated from Apple users, or Samsung Galaxy users for that matter.