RIM is looking to win over new fans and keep current ones with a new release on the Blackberry Messenger.  Called BBM7, this update comes with BBM Voice, which allows voice calls over Wi-Fi.

Other features of the BBM7 include synchronizing users’ profiles, organizing groups and contacts linked to the ID.  Users get notifications for updates and for fun, they get 16 emoticons for messenging.

With the new Wi-Fi calling, users can talk for free while texting on a split screen.  You have the option to switch from texting to calling or vice versa and you can call directly.

BBM7 works on phones with an operating system of BB6 or higher.  There will be support for the BB5 sometime next year.  You can get the new messenging app for free in the BlackBerry store.

The brand new operating system BlackBerry 10 will be available at the end of January with many promised upgraded and new features.  The company also plans to release two new smartphones to entice customers to stick with the company or new visitors to give them a try.

RIM is encouraging users to leave feedback about their opinions regarding the new BBM7 or any other new service.  You can either leave comments on the blog or on Twitter with the hashtag #BBMVoice.

The company does warn you on their blog that it can take up to 24 hours before you will get it on the phone after you visit the App World store.

This is the ideal app for people who start out texting and realize it would just be easier to call and talk.  With BBM7, you don’t have to choose one over the other.  With RIM losing market share in the last two years, one has to wonder if these new ideas will be enough to call former customers back to the BlackBerry.

[Image via us.blackberry]