Since the turn of the millennium, people have been using CCleaner to remove unwanted files and other junk from their computers. As you would know, the presence of such data in the computer is risky and can bring about viruses while slowing down your computer. Piriform launched the utility with a view to helping people have ‘cleaner’ computers and prevent any problems caused by unnecessary files. CCleaner surely did the job as it recently crossed the 1 billion download mark.


CCleaner Reaches 1 Billion Downloads

The news about landmark was overshadowed by Google Maps crossing 10 million downloads on iOS in two days. This has been the case for several years. CCleaner helps people maintain their computers while the leading brands in the industry get all the adulation. Those who have used CCleaner swear by its efficiency and reliability. It is a credit to Piriform that they developed a utility which has proved to be so useful for computer users around the world.

The remarkable fact is that CCleaner has been super successful, yet is seen as a behind-the-scenes sort of a program. It cleans up the cache from the computers which is not a ‘glamorous’ task as far as computers are concerned. Despite this, CCleaner has been installed on over 25% of all the PCs used over the globe. The utility is now available in over 40 languages to cater to the needs of users from different countries.

There are a couple of paid editions of CCleaner as well, which are a cut above the free version. The Business Edition of CCleaner is available for $35 while the Professional Edition costs $25. This goes to show that the utility is affordable, given the task it performs. By crossing 1 billion downloads, CCleaner has made it into an elite club. After all, not many software in the modern age can boast of such numbers, especially if it is a free utility like CCleaner. It is a remarkable achievement.