The first CoderDojo session took place in the United States in San Francisco as James Whelton teaches his successful platform to young Americans.

What is CodoDojo?

Whelton started CodoDojo during his last year of high school in Cork, Ireland as he began a computer club where kids could discuss their coding skills.  What developed became popular not only with kids in Cork but around the country.  Whelton began traveling the country to start new groups.

CoderDojo: Coding for the Next Generation


With funding, Whelton was able to bring his CoderDojo to the US.  What you see at the first meeting in San Fransisco is kids from 7-18 learning HTML and creating games.  This free program only requires kids to bring a parent.  Laptops are even provided for the session.  CoderDojo created a developer who is only 12 years old and developed a game that sold more units that Angry Birds in November 2011.

A New Style of Coding

With CoderDojo, the emphasis is on having fun while learning.  It is a program where kids can learn how to code and develop websites.  They also learn how to create apps, programs, games, and more.  These sessions, called Dojos, are set up by volunteers.  These volunteers also run and teach the Dojos and organize tours of technology companies.  They bring in guest speakers to explain what they do.

CoderDojo: Coding for the Next Generation

Young people come to these clubs and bring what they are working on and collaborate with each other.  They may ask questions and brainstorm with other coders.  Kids who learn the basic quickly can go on to teach other students.  They learn everything from web programming to creating iPhone apps.  The interest in these programs has been huge as kids of all ages want to get involved.

CoderDojo makes it fun to learn computer programming and it starts at an early age.

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