Searching for information is the main thing people do online today. It does not matter whether it’s for work or personal purposes. We all have a seemingly insatiable need for information, and the Internet has given us the means to do so anytime, anywhere. But have you ever thought of searching for specific information through social conversations?

Social Media


That is, going through Facebook comments, tweets, and other similar content in order to find things out? I know there is some value in the idea somewhere, but my initial reaction consists of a red flashing sign saying “STALKER!”


This is for real, though, and people are working hard at indexing online conversations to provide a handy repository for this information. It’s called Engagio (the first letter is actually a special character that looks like @ but not quite), and they have indexed 30 million comments and discussions from 6 million people on 14 networks and 85,000 sites.

Twitter. Facebook. Google+. LinkedIn. YouTube. StockTwits. AngelList. Foursquare.

Those are only some of the platforms that Engagio has indexed.

What’s the point?
Stalking aside, there are valuable ways by which Engagio can be utilized. One of the main premises of the service is to pinpoint influencers in the fields/topics that you are interested in. There is a lot of babble going on online, and if you want to get to the core – to the people who know what they are talking about and can give you value – then you can use Engagio to identity those people.

Your options
Engagio has a web interface, which reminds me of Klout.


Engagio Web

For Chrome/Gmail users, you can download the extension for free.

And, of course, there is an app for Engagio, which they are launching for both Android and iOS.

If you live and breathe social media, and you feel that maybe it’s time to trim down your information intake and look at what matters most, then Engagio might just be the thing to help you.

[Images via Social Maximizer & Engagio]