I think that Etsy is a veritable treasure trove – of everything you could ever want. For sure, there are way too many options that you can easily drown in the Etsy ocean, but for the holidays, let’s narrow down those choices to Apple-related items. Needless to say, this is the result of my own gift-hunting activities in the past weeks.

Etsy Gifts

When it comes to Apple-related items, I think that there are three main categories: decals, cases, and “others”. Here some of the choicest picks I have found. I hope something catches your eye as well!


Etsy is rife with decals for MacBooks of all models and sizes. You can also find cool decals for your other iDevices. Being an Iron Man fan, this is one of my favorite designs.

Etsy Gifts

Iron Man Decal

You can buy it for different Apple devices for only $8.50 here.

For the best iPhone 5 decal, this one beats them all.

Etsy Gifts

TARDIS iPhone 5 decal

$9.95 from this Etsy store.

For more decal choices, visit these Etsy stores: FancyStop, MiracleDecal, and popvinyldecor.


Expensive gadgets are worth protecting, even if you have to pay extra for the case or sleeve. More than the protective factor, however, I like looking at cases/sleeves that also serve as eye candy. This handmade sleeve for a 13-inch MBAis pretty!

Etsy Gifts

MacBook Air Sleeve – Handmade

For more iDevice cases and sleeves on Etsy: ColorsAndFriends and TeenageDream (don’t be put off by the name; some designs are brilliant)


What better way to proudly declare your love for Apple than these cufflinks?

Etsy Gifts

Apple Cufflinks

At $39.90, they’re not such a bad deal!

A dock is something all iDevice owners need, and if you like wood, then this ash dock is perfect. It is made for the iPhone, but I think it’ll work with the iPad as well.

Etsy gifts

iPhone-iPad Dock

For only $33, you can have this handmade dock.

For cool repurposed iMacs, visit Randall’s shop. For the ultimate poster for the Mac user (Mac OS X shortcuts), click here.

I hope you’ve got enough choices!


[Etsy logo image via Web Trends]