Evernote, a popular note taking and productivity application for desktops, tablets and smartphones has announced the Evernote Business platform. The new program allows users around the world to collaborate on projects from their favorite devices.

The new program is live today in France, Germany, Switzerland, the US, Canada, Japan, and the U.S. with support for Mac, iOS, Android and Windows Desktop.

evernote business

Users are charged $10 per month and along with the ability to collaborate they also receive 2GB of business storage and 2GB of personal storage.

Evernote CEO Phil Libin recently told TechCrunch that the company’s own research found that 66% of users already use Evernote to track work data but only 15% of that tracking was done by actual companies.

Evernote Business - Making Collaboration A Breeze

Under the new program users have the ability to create a business section on their account, rather than needing to create two separate accounts that must then be managed by the user. Users can then choose to share their work through the use of Business Notebooks or by making their work known to the entire company using Business Library.

The Business Library option provides the added ability for an administrator to update documents with company data.

Evernote has also added the ability for users to modify how documents, links and other files are shares with clients.

The best part of the program might be the legacy option which allows documents to stay with a company even if a user leaves and deletes their account.

Evernote Business - Making Collaboration A Breeze

Along with Evernote Business the company has also announced Related Notes which is a new discover tool that looks for related data every time a note is created or an existing note is being browsed.

Here’s a video that highlights the new Evernote option:

Will you be taking advantage of Evernote Business for your collaboration efforts in the office?


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