Countless admirers of Google rave about the company’s culture of nurturing and encouraging creativity, so much so that their employees are treated to things that workers from other companies can only dream of. As a result, some of the best and most ingenious minds can be found in Google, and even those who have left the company have a lot to show for it.

Travel app


Just like Jon Tirsen and Douwe Osinga, two ex-Googlers who make up two thirds of the founding group of Triposo, a new travel app. Together with Richard Osinga, Tirsen and have put together their knowledge, experience, and innovativeness to build Triposo.

While some travel app founders may want to broaden their services and not limit themselves to a geographical area, the Triposo team have decided to focus on the United States. That is not to say that the app does not have worldwide destinations, but of the more than 8,000 destinations available, about 5,000 are small towns in America.

Ex-Googlers Build Travel App Triposo

The strength of Triposo lies on the algorithm that its makers have created. To quote them:

“We crawl data from the web, apply some clever algorithms and fully automatically generate travel guides of high quality that cover the entire world. Since this is the core of what we do, we obviously can’t give a away all the ingredients of the secret sauce…”

It doesn’t really come as a surprise – the secret part of the sauce – but secret or not, the success of the app will rely on its user base. The team admits that the way they rank destinations will also benefit from photos taken by real travelers, although they still don’t discount the significance of the data that their algorithm gathers.

From the looks of it, Triposo just might be the travel app that travelers will find really useful. It has only been recently released but it already has garnered 2.5 million downloads.

Traveling for the holidays? Get Triposo – available for both Android and iOS.

[Image via Triposo]