How many people get irritated at the requirement to turn off their cell phones prior to take off and landing?  Now the Federal Communications Commission is seeking to change that.  The chairman says that mobile devices are an essential part of our lives and allow businesses to be more productive.

FAA Looks to Revise In-Flight Electronics Rules

The FCC is encouraging the Federal Aviation Administration to review the rules regarding use of electronics during flight.  A committee has been formed to study the situation and make suggestions for alterations with the rules.  The committee is made up of representatives of pilots and flight attendants, plane manufacturers, electronics manufacturers, and other government agencies to provide a well-rounded group.  They will spend six months discussing and investigating the issue and will end with formal suggestions for the FAA.

The use of cell phones will still be prohibited but other devices will be up for discussion.

This is not new for the FAA.  In fact, they admit that they have been studying this regulation for some time.  They said in March that they were looking at the policy and will make decisions after they receive the committee’s information and recommendations.

FAA Looks to Revise In-Flight Electronics Rules

The possibility of change is exciting to many frequent fliers.  Business people can get started on their work and not have to shut down during the take off and landing.  Parents of fussy toddlers and young children could occupy them from the beginning with games or videos on their tablets.

On the other hand, safety is paramount.  No one wants to make any changes that will be detrimental to those on the flights.  These rules were put in place for the protection of the passengers and flight crew.  It just remains to be seen if technology has advanced to the point where it can safely co-exist with the electronics of the aircraft.

[Images via guyism & lifehacker]