Facebook is making yet another change to its site, this time with regards to message sending.  This move will allow you to send messages to people outside of your network and not be listed as spam while letting Facebook monetize a portion of its services.

Facebook to Start Charging for Messages


Most of your messages go to your inbox, but a few end up in the “Other” folder and are often not even opened or noticed.  These are the messages that Facebook has decided are less important because they are from someone not in your network.  They could be spam and are determined by Facebook’s algorithms.

Paying to Avoid the Other Box

If you want to avoid being dumped into the “Other” folder, you can pay $1 and your message will end up in the recipient’s inbox.  This will be helpful it you want to make contact with someone you know who is not in your network or to make contact with someone about a job.

The charge will cut down on spam since those people send out mass messages and will not want to pay for each one.  It will help to ensure that if you are sending an important message that it gets read.

To start with, the new feature will only be available to certain people in the US.  Companies will not have access to this feature at this point and the paid emails will be limited to just one a week at the start.

New Filters for Inbox

Facebook is also trying out some new features for your inbox.  With Basic Filtering, you will get all messages from your friends and from people in your extended network.  You will also have the option of Strict Filtering that will be mostly messages from your friends.

Facebook will also allow you to get messages from the Messenger for Android app.

The new pay for messages feature will be tried out for a few months, but if it is popular it may become permanent for all users.

[Image via aitnews]