In its ever increasing attempt to create new revenue streams Facebook is expected to launch a new video ad format in the first half of 2013.

Ad reporting agency AdAge quotes several sources who claim that the social network has already created new video ads for internal testing purposes. According to the agency the new Facebook video ads will arrive by April 2013 and will show up on both desktop browsers and mobile apps.

The new Facebook video ads are expected to run for just 15 seconds, far less time than current Hulu, YouTube and other video network websites where ads typically range from 30 seconds to one minute in length.

Facebook Video Ads Set For April 2013 Debut

AdAge spoke with two executives who revealed that Facebook has toyed with the idea of using autoplay videos, a more intrusive type of ad that often angers users. However, there is still the possibility that Facebook will default to “audio off” mode, allowing users to determine if the ads audio should be revealed.

Facebook website ads will likely expand outside of the news feed in either the left or right columns of the users browser. Facebook has left its screen real estate wide open, ensuring future additions as necessary.

It is still not clear where Facebook’s mobile video ads would display. Given the small screen real estate found on mobile devices there is a good chance Facebook will use some type of pop out solution.

Under the networks current rumors plans advertisers will be able to display videos to a single user three times in one day. Advertising will apply across multiple devices to ensure over saturation of a users feeds does not occur for any single ad.

The cost for Facebook video ads has not yet been revealed, although given Facebook’s premium pricing for ad spots it will likely be on the higher end of the advertising spectrum and mostly used by larger-scale firms.

Do you think Facebook video ads will be a success or end up being obtrusive while once again angering Facebook users.

[Image via YouTube]